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2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Review, Specs and Price

2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Review, Specs and Price

2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid – The 2023 Ford Maverick is a pickup truck that is a regeneration of the previous New Ranger model and comes as a slimmer body uni truck, perfect for those of you who live in urban areas with a more active lifestyle. This Ford Maverick 2023 Pickup Truck has a new style in 2023, with the base model being a hybrid type with a front-wheel drive system, and a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liter atkinson-cycle electric motor.

2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Redesign
2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Redesign

In its debut in its first year, the Ford Maverick has caught the attention of many people with the elegant and dynamic appearance of the base model, as rumored, the New Ford Maverick 2023 is expected to be launched and marketed in the middle of next year.

Ford Maverick 2023 Information

  • The New Ford Maverick 2023 pickup truck has variants of Hybrid and Non-hybrid types.
  • The 2023 generation Ford Maverick Hybrid is expected to compete with the New Hyundai Santa Cruz and New Hyundai Tucson which adopt the Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) version.
  • Modern features with a digital system dominate the New Maverick 2023, which refers to the standard Apple Carplay and Android Auto software.
  • While it’s too early to decide on an assessment of the Ford Maverick 203 as a new generation Hybrid in the automotive world, we hope that this pickup gets development for next year, which may be the Maverick 2024 truck that will be even more fantastic.
Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023
Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023

Ford Maverick Development in the Year 2023

There are no major changes, because the 2023 Maverick is a development of the 2023 Ford Ranger predecessor, only includes:

  • As a version of the New Maverick Hybrid 2023 as the base model has a slimmer size.
  • Designed as a supercrew pickup model and equipped with 4 doors.
    Wider cargo space.
  • The suspension is stable so it doesn’t shake.
  • Has silencer, so noise is not heard from inside the car.
  • Improvements to Apple Carplay and Android Auto features.

Version Of Ford Maverick 2023 Although basically the Ford Maverick 2023 adopts the Hybrid type, but ford also offers other options for this pickup model which is a non-hybrid version:

  • XL Hybrid
  • XL Nonhybrid Hybrid
  • XLT
  • XLT Nonhybrid
  • LARIAT Non Hybrid

New Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023 Exterior

The latest generation 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid offers a beautiful impression for the design of a pickup truck type vehicle with a unibody model which is a development of the 2023 Ford Escape and 2023 Ford Bronco, so that the New Maverick Hybrid looks sporty.

  • The front grille has a black beam shape with the words “Ford” in the middle and is combined with LED headlights.
  • Has four doors.
  • Wheels measure 17 inches, and 18 inches for the Lariat Maverick model.
  • Box Extenders.
  • Power moon roof.
  • Cargo bed liners.
New Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023
New Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023

For base version Maverick 2023 has dynamic size:

  • Length 199.5 inches
  • 72.5 inches wide
  • 68.6 inches tall.

There are several color options for the base model of this hybrid:

  • Cactus green.
  • Carbonized Grey
  • silver
  • Velocity Blue.
  • Fog black.

However, there are also other color options on XLT models and above, and these are optional and therefore require additional funds.

  • Alto Blue Metallic for an additional $350.
  • Hot Paper Metallic for an additional $360.
  • Cyber ​​orange metallic for an additional $450.

2023 Maverick Hybrid Interior

On the inside of the cabin, Ford is without a doubt, a comfortable interior design is a sure thing, especially in the cabin of the Ford maverick 2023 which is a vehicle that will enter the second generation. Although in the basic model some of the cabins are covered in plastic, it doesn’t mean cheap because the combination of motifs and textures offered by Ford has a different impression, as well as the seats that have a capacity of 5 passengers, and the seats are upholstered with fabric mixed with dark colors, only in the Lariat version which has leather upholstery on the chair.

2023 Ford maverick Hybrid Interior
2023 Ford maverick Hybrid Interior

The 2023 Ford Maverick offers a cargo capacity of 34 cubic feet and 4.6 feet of bed space that uses the flexible system, and there is more room for loading large bottles and other equipment storage under the back seat.

Features of Ford Maverick 2023

The new Ford Maverick 2023 hybrid is equipped with modern acceleration features supported by a very sophisticated digitalization system, which includes:

  • The driver’s seat can be adjusted in 6 directions and the passenger seat in 4 directions.
  • The steering wheel is telescoping.
  • 8.2 inch touch screen LCD.
  • SYNC 3 system.
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • The standard air conditioner for the base model and on the Lariat version is equipped with a dual zone system.
  • Collision warning and automatic brake.
  • Automatic spotlight.
2023 Ford Maverick Interior Concept
2023 Ford Maverick Interior Concept

For those of you who feel that these features are still lacking, don’t worry, the New Maverick Hybrid 2023 also provides additional features for XLT models and above that are optional, such as:

  • Copilot 360, as a driver assistance so that it can control Blindspott, directional navigation assistance.
  • Power Sunroof.
  • Wireless charging for mobile phones.
  • Heated seats.

Ford maverick 2023 safety features

As a newcomer, the Maverick 2023 is equipped with standard safety features which include,
Equipped with 7 airbags, including the addition of airbags on the knee and side.

  • Tire pressure monitoring.
  • Camera in the rearview mirror.
  • Traffic alert.
  • Blind spot control area.
  • Stop and Go feature.
  • Parking sensors.

Ford Maverick 2023 Model Engine

The 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters atkinson-cycle inline 4 electric motor that can produce power equivalent to 192 horsepower so that it can produce torque of up to 156 lb-ft and has an 8-speed transmission with a variable Continue (CVT) system. .

While the New Maverick 2023 Non Hybrid is equipped with a 2.5 liter Ecoo Boost four-cylinder engine with a maximum torque of 278 lb-ft which can produce power equivalent to 251 horsepower and is supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission.

New Maverick Hybrid 2023
New Maverick Hybrid 2023

Drivetrain Ford Maverick 2023

  • Ford maverick Hybrid 2023 uses FWD (Front Wheel Drive) propulsion.
  • 2023 Ford maverick Non Hybrid using AWD (All Wheel Drive) propulsion.

2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Price Release

  • XL   Hibrida                          $ 19.990
  • XL   Nonhibrida                    $ 19.996
  • XLT Hibrida                          $ 23.100
  • XLT Nonhibrida                    $ 23.200
  • LARIAT Non Hibrida            $ 26.250

Ford Maverick 2023 Launch Schedule

  • New Ford Maverick 2023 will be launched in the middle of next year, but there is news stating that the Ford Maverick Hybrid 2023 will be sold out at the end of next year.
  • The 2023 Ford Maverick is estimated to be still in the evaluation and development stage, but the date or month of its launch has not been confirmed yet.

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